And, no, I don’t mean the television game show.

While I did defend Reynolds Hedland several weeks ago on the condition he’s actually earned his pay level, evidence that he didn’t is mounting.

According to the Sun Sentinel there are more $100k plus “teachers” that don’t teach.

Okay, at least Headland does and it looks like his teaching schedule is about to get more intense.

But today’s article about $100k teachers that don’t teach is nothing less than symptomatic of what I’ve been writing about for years on end…

There’s little or no accountability from staff.

And believe me, most of those in the approval chain for the 100k plus “teachers” are not anywhere near senior staff.

It also shows quite clearly something else I’ve been pointing out.

The entire chain of command is broken, top down, bottom up.

Never forget the fact that the School Board members have no say in that chain of command.

But what they can do is to put their one employee that does on a very public carpet.

The Superintendent.

It’s way too late to hold Jim Notter accountable for this, but it needs to be pointed out to the new Superintendent by Board members in no uncertain terms the moment he or she takes the helm at the first Board meeting.


   That rascally old Score Keeper is beginning to give the
appearance of growing a brain.

A posting from the Sun Sentinel blog this morning actuall shows
some evidence:

     “Unfortunately the corruption will not end until the board
members hold the superintendent accountable instead allowing him a bonus three month period to continue to pillage the corrupt system the grand jury discovered.”

Hold the Superintendent accountable?

With Score Keeper it’s always been about the courrupt Board members and not either the Superintendent or staff.

He and his bonehead cohort Hammerhead have always accused the Superintendent and senior staff of being “puppets” of the Board members.

Like Apple once told computer buyers, “Think Different.” Something I’ve been telling him for years, and it sure looks like that message may be getting through.

If Score Keeper wants to blame the Board for anything, it’s not clamping down on the Superintendent.

Neither the corrupt one of six years ago, nor the current, in-over-his-head one that’s retiring ths week.