I see by today’s headlines that two more members of Frank Till’s toy soldiers finally have their walking papers.

And so, goodbye to Ruben Parker and Lucille Greene.

Did my calling for their heads on a silver platter make the difference?

Who knows?  But it sure didn’t hurt.

Suspended from their high priced jobs while under investigation for various issues including a staff chock full of friends and relatives along with other various and sundry allegations is one thing.

But a year and a half of delay was just ridiculous.

No, make that ludicrous.

An unoccupied facility full of junk buses? Newer mess.

$1 million in district property unaccounted for adds to the suspense.

Moving the two over to ETS (Education Technology Services) was a questionable move, but predictable.

Move the targets out of the light and maybe the heat will go away.

Of course I could just chalk up the year and a half investigation as a symptom of the usual paralysis.

Nah… Kknowing the past escapades of senior staff, there’s always the idea of stacking the deck instead.

Did Notter grow a set of gonads?  We’ll never know.

But then Frank Till decided to put an end to the millions of dollars worth of damage on the day he was fired in just one RFP fiasco caused by his own year and a half paralysis.

I’m being kind since the history of senior staff is just too damn muddy.

Till, Calhoun, Sonty, Garretson, Coates, Abney, Melita. Parker, Greene and a slew of others.

The list just keeps on growing.

Forget our favorite knuckleheads Score Keeper and Hammerhead.

Who knows?  Maybe one day they’ll admit to the fact that their own buddies on staff were the ones taking cushy jobs with and stacking the deck for the very builders they point fingers at.

Meanwhile, the real watchdog is still here and on the job.