What’s wrong with this picture?

Richard and Diana Wasserman-Rubin are taking one last vacation.

A year ago, according to the Sun Sentinel, New Times, and Broward Beat, the Rubins were broke.

According to Diana’s arrest affidavit, she and her husband spent lavishly on art work, vacations, trips to Europe, cruises, renovations and furniture.

According to Buddy Nevins on Broward Beat; “Former County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin is running out of money.”

“That’s what sources who know her tell me.”

Poor Richard.  Poor Diana.

Last year when Diana had to step down from the County Commission, the Rubins cried “poor” because Diana’s medical treatment for Parkinson’s was expensive.

Bye, bye $94,000 a year salary plus health care.  Hello hideously expensive COBRA coverage.

According to stories in the media, earlier this year, the Rubin’s friends gathered together to hold a benefit for their cash strapped buddies.

I don’t know how much their “charity” and good will raised, but it was obviously enough to permit the cash strapped folks to take one last vacation tour throughout the state before Richard is sentenced to the slammer.

Oh really…

Fundraiser?  Charity?  Benefit?  Vacation tour?

I have a better term for it.

Dinner for Schmucks.

Maybe the suckers with the open checkbooks should be demanding their donations be returned.

According to the same Broward Beat article:

“I find it hard to feel sorry for Wasserman-Rubin’s financial condition. (Me, too, Buddy) She, along with her husband Rubin, pulled down $100,000s-a-year and apparently saved little of it for a rainy day. It’s now raining.”

Apparently it isn’t raining very hard.