What’s really behind John Rodstrom’s “plan” to refinance School Board bonds?

As I wrote in yesterday’s article, the $60 million in extra capital wouldn’t save the job of a single teacher.

Rodstrom’s proposal is nothing but a fool’s errand.

What I didn’t say yesterday, and shame on me, is that if the extra money could be placed to keep teachers, it would be one time money and hold those teachers for only one year.

And the district would be right back where it started.

In fact, it would be worse.

Even if it were possible to use that money, where would the “next round” of money come from?

More refinance of bonds?

Or is Rodstrom by guess and by golly expecting the Legislature to grow a conscience and start adequately funding public schools?

I don’t think he’s that stupid.  Maybe I’m wrong.

And for all the cheering from the likes of Bob Norman and others, what they’re really cheering for is even more debt piled onto the district.

What on earth do they think the refinanced bonds would do?  Give a “free” ride for $60 million to the district?

No such luck.

More likely an additional $100 million or more of debt to an already overburdened budget.

No.  There’s more to this than meets the eye.

A “couple of weeks” pro bono to formulate what would turn out to be nothing more than just another boondoggle for the district?

Give me a break!