Channel 10 and Bob Norman report another construction boondoggle begun under Till the Terrible‘s administration and continued under Jim Notter’s.

According to the story, the property on the edge of the Everglades was purchased in 1999 with construction begun in 2005.

Six years?

Not uncommon for facilities and I can’t wait to hear those excuses.

Fast forward to today, six years later.

The building’s up.  Lights and air conditioning are on.  Offices are filled with furniture, computers and everything needed.

Even the toilets work.

Only two problems: The building’s unoccupied and the buses parked at the “depot” are junk.

Make that three.  The doors were unlocked.

Forget the junked buses.  That’s another issue entirely.

What I’m waiting for is for Norman to finger the School Board member responsible for all of this.

Goodness knows that Frank Till, Jim Notter and staff had nothing to do with it.

$4 million turning into $18 million isn’t unusual for the district.

Neither is a project scheduled to be completed in months taking a dozen years and still incomplete.

Just look at the Ft. Lauderdale High School renovation.

Same thing.  More than a dozen years overdue and millions over budget.

Oh, and still incomplete.

Score another victory for Till’s toy soldiers.

But then “unresolved issues involving missing paperwork, multiple contractors, looming lawsuits” are also status quo from the two most recent administrations.

Seems that one of the things I did right for my former district was to kick ass and take names when delays and excuses piled up.

Oh, and since this was such a long lived boondoggle, why didn’t the two knuckleheads, Score Keeper and Hammerhead, the be all, know it alls, ever bother to mention it?

But trust me, now they’ll be on Norman’s blog taking credit for exposing it.