Such was the claim during the School Board meeting that chose Carter to act as interim Superintendent.

Not quite.

Not unless the Superintendent was either blind drunk and on a bender or in a coma.

Carter was never empowered to make major decisions in the wake of a Notter absence.

Subordinates of CEOs or Chief Executives never are.

The job of a Superintendent or CEO is to be on call 24 hours a day, no matter what.

The baloney fed by at least one Board member that he ran the distinct is just that.

What Carter did was to continue in his old job as COO while the district essentially ran itself.

Not that the district ran all that successfully with Notter on the job.

But now Carter will have the chance to screw up the district all by himself.

Not that I don’t trust him.  Knowing the history of the last eight years, I simply can’t.

That the district would save money by hiring internally was more smoke and mirrors.

Tom Lindner would have been a better choice despite the fact that he hasn’t been in the district ten years.

Joanne Harrison has, and she’s been an Area Superintendent.

Best of all, neither of them have been mixed up in the Till / Notter fiascoes.

The district is stuck with Carter at the helm.

The best we can hope for is that nobody notices.