After lengthy discussion, the School Board selected Donnie Carter as the interim Superintendent.

Deny, deny, deny, but the process was engineered by Maureen (what corruption?) Dinnen.

Let me remind everybody that Carter first applied and then withdrew his application because he didn’t have the required Masters degree.

During that workshop, the Board decided to lower the qualification from Masters to Bachelors degree and then talked about opening the process to outside applicants.

It was Dinnen who at the last minuted decided to push the Board into locking out anybody who wasn’t employed by the district.

She wanted Carter, no matter what.

It’s the old guard protecting the old guard.

It was a set up.

Never forget that Dinnen was a staunch supporter of Frank Till to the end.

Carter, meanwhile presided over the transportation department with the errant Ruben Parker and crew reporting to him.

No accountability.

They’re still working for the district depsite being under investigation for more than a year and a half.

No accountability.

Putting it mildly, Carter was a yes man for Till and Notter.

When Notter appointed Carter as COO in 2007, he now became part and parcel of the shenanigans still going on under Mike Garretson and crew as evidenced by page 10c on the org chart.

Only at the end of 2009 did Garretson decide to “retire.”

To this day there’s no record of accountability under Garretson’s and Carter’s subsequent participation for those years.

No accountability.

Up until this point, I have never opposed a sitting member of the School Board.

In no uncertain terms, Maureen Dinnen must go.