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Just me... Who else?

1,400 teachers were given pink slips last month and there may very well be more on the way.

But when quizzed about rearranging classes and schedules for either core or non-core subjects, outgoing Superintendent Jim Notter told the Sun Sentinel “there’s no plan targeting specific subjects, such as art or music, for elimination.”

And now we know one more reason why the school district is in such disarray.

With the stories of what some are describing as a teacher massacre, there are no firm plans on how to cope with the budget holes other than layoffs.

As usual, senior staff leadership is showing itself as reactive rather than proactive.

Several plans should have been drawn up before a single pink slip was handed to a teacher.

But with typical district bureaucratic flair, it’s ready, fire, aim!

Quite literally as a matter of fact.

Of course, some of those pink slip recipients will get return notices as others either retire or their certificates expire.

The reality is that we are only eight weeks out before plans must be in place.

Any closer to the beginning of the school year and opening day will be quite a show especially since there won’t be a permanent Superintendent in place.

And it’s one more reason to split the interim’s responsibility into three distinct areas.