Although I disagree with Maureen Dinnen’s proposed lockout of external applicants, it’s done, over with, and pointless to discuss.

It’s also pointless to revise the qualifications one more time.

If the Board decides to open the process to outside the district, I’ve jokingly told at least one Board member that I would apply.

Don’t worry, my doctors would kill me.  Well, either they would or the stress would.

So here’s the best way to get it done…

Divide the responsibility of the interim’s job into three: Operations, financial, and education.

Assign the operations oversight to Tom Lindner who already has a reputation for kicking ass and taking names.

Assign the financial operations to Ben Leong who manages the financial end of the district anyway.

Perhaps working unencumbered, Leong can become the tightwad the district’s been needing for years.

Choose one of the Area Superintendents such as Joanne Harrison take the helm of the needs for getting the district’s act together, making sure the start of the new school year moves efficiently.

Since the Area Superintendent won’t take the helm of the entire district, it will not meet the qualification for restriction of applying for the permanent position.

The reality of the situation is that the district is paralyzed by the grand jury report, the idiot bloggers who haven’t a clue as to what’s really going on within the district, and the resulting oversight.

Nobody likes having some agency, blogger or jury looking over their shoulders questioning every decision.

Now that the Board’s tried twice without success, it’s time to end the paralysis once and for all and show real leadership by taking definitive action.

Put politics aside, make the decision and move on.