The actual saying is “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

I’ve been reading Broward Beat’s article on Broward school leadership doesn’t need advanced degrees and reading it with a passion.

Especially since I’ve been writing such articles for several years.

But some of the feedback is absolutely disturbing by advocating that academic degrees are a must for district leadership.

Once and for all, they’re not.  At least not at the business management end.

Leadership in any type of corporation requires, no, demands, experience and decision making ability in leading employees, department heads and departments, not students.

Promoting a school Principal to a department directorship is akin to hiring a clinical psychologist to run the local auto dealership.

That’s exactly the condition of the school system when I became a School Board member and many of those departments were complete and total disasters.

Department after department headed by former Principals with Doctor of Education degrees.

It just didn’t work.

Yet there are folks out there who can’t seem to see the forrest through the trees.

The history of the last fifteen years is straight forward, three Superintendents up, three down, all totally incapable of adequately managing one of the largest budgets in the state and completely incapable of stemming the tide of employee incompetence and corruption.

Each of them educators with zero experience in the necessities of corporate management.

Broward Beat may be right in that the interim Superintendent position will be occupied for only three months, but the Board cannot count on the possibility that major decisions won’t need to be made or large issues may not need to be addressed.

Decisions that will affect the district for years in the future.

The Board must view the interim position with the very same regard as the permanent position and that although not likely, a caretaker can do unspeakable damage if not chosen with great care.

And one more thing…

If the search consultant does not provide a reasonable number of qualified business based candidates, send them packing and choose again.