Chief cook and bottle washer Rubinstein

Hey, it's just me

For months, the arm-chair generals have been ragging Board members on Jim Notter’s salary and benefits.

Those who bleat incoherently about overpaying a company leader think nothing of attempting to take as much money out of the pockets of their employers as they can.

The fact is, there’s not one person who may be capable of turning the school district around who will be willing to work for peanuts.

$300,000 is well below what any successful CEO would accept as a salary.

I think the arm-chair generals need to use their logic at Publix and tell store managers that they should be charging $3.99 per pound for rib eye steaks rather than $11.49.

Want to pay less than $11.49 for steak?  Unless it’s on sale, it won’t be rib eye.

Or that oil companies should be charging $1.50 per gallon for gasoline instead of $4 or more.

Hey, I’m fine with low prices on both of those.

But still…

We can pontificate about pricing all we want, but the reality is that neither we nor the School Board have any choice other than to pay the going rate on anything.

And negotiations aside, that includes the future Superintendent.

Like it or not, the job’s worth anywhere between $265,000 and $325,000 plus negotiated benefits.

We won’t know the total price until a candidate is selected and the deal is made.

Want to save some real salary dollars?

Eliminate the school district salaries for the double dipping union leaders.