Sunrise has selected Deputy Attorney Kim Kislan to take the roll of the new City Attorney on Tuesday night.

The vote was 5 – 0.

After a controversial run with Stuart Michelson as an outside contract attorney, the commission decided to go back in house.

Make that inhouse rather than “outhouse” as Commissioner Joey Scuotto described a contract attorney early in the meeting.

The commissioners agreed to reign in benefits for all new charter officers, limiting benefits such as accrued sick leave and vacation time.

State law now requires limiting “golden parachutes” for new charter officers state wide after July 1st.

Commissioners directed Mayor Michael Ryan (also an attorney) to negotiate Ms.Kislan’s new contract.

Assuming there are no bumps in the road during the negotiations, Ms. Kislan will take the role of City Attorney on July 1st as Michelson’s extended contract expires on June 30th.