Attorney Howard Kusnick will turn himself in to federal authorities in yet one more ponzi scheme by former partner and bunko artist Scott Rothstein.

This time it’s about $57 million swindled from Ed Morse.

For those who don’t know anything else about Kusnick, he was the chief lobbyist for All Service Refuse back in the days when the company charged Sunrise residents the highest garbage rate in the county.

Not only was he tied at the hip with former City Manager Pat Salerno, they walked in lock step.

Make that goose step.

Of course, Kusnick was in the thick of the action with no-bid contracts for the company along with outright harassment of two commissioners who publicly advocated open bidding for the garbage contract.

All Service was also the driving force behind Sunrise’s attempt to annex Bonaventure in order to create another goose that would lay a golden egg.

Another, even larger no-bid contract for All Service and their chief lobbyist, Kusnick.

Ultimately, Kusnick and several fellow lobbyists wound up being given walking papers over the commissioner harassment scandal.

Then of course, there was the Sister Cities of Sunrise of which Kusnick was President.

Sister Cities pumped thousands of dollars into Junkets to England and Israel for former commissioner Irwin Harlem and former Mayor Steve Feren.

The very same former Mayor who is currently under federal investigation for different reasons.

Under Kusnick’s leadership, Sister Cities of Sunrise refused to open its books for examination.

But our illustrious former Mayor demanded the remainder of the funds for yet another Junket to Israel when the city broke ties with the organization.