Okay, okay…

The headline’s politically incorrect.  So what?

Make that Facilities Service Person or in this case “Head” Facilities Service Person.

Yeah.  And Garbage men are “Sanitation Engineers.”

But I’m getting away from the subject, so to speak.

I’ve always been a fan of vocational education especially since I am a product.

Yup.  That’s right, my entire “collegiate career” consisted of only two summer term classes at Brooklyn College around 1971.

Boolean Algebra and Advanced Physics (Astronomy and Cosmology.)

Aced the Physics course, but got so bored with Boolean Algebra that I foolishly dropped the course..

I say foolishly because I had no choice but to learn it anyway in order to analyze and service digital electronics on a component level.

Through vocational education I became a Television Broadcast Engineer during a time when non college bound high schoolers were expected to do little more than dig ditches for a living.

And went on to earn more income in my career than the majority of my college bound friends.

But that’s another story.

Reynolds Hedland III is a Custodian Instructor at Sheridan Technical Center in Hollywood.

He isn’t a “teacher” since teachers require both a degree and a certification.

Take a good look at the community reaction so far to Hedland.

What they see is a “teacher” who doesn’t teach children and commands a six figure salary.

The media is either poking fun at the school district or demanding answers as to why.

But then people just love to find reasons to complain about others who earn more than they do, especially when comparing education.

By contract the Head Service Person of a Vocational Center should be earning $49,379 at top scale.

Whatever it is, it’s definitely anti-union.  Well, anti-teachers union anyway.

The real question is: Did Hedland rise to the pay level through merit or does he know somebody?

That answer can only be determined by the district.

Either way, the issue is touchy.

But if he’s earned the right to such a salary, then where’s the problem?  He’s a head custodian so to speak and he’s taken on the job of instructor. (a custodian’s custodian?)

If the rest of the employees in the district showed similar initiative, maybe 80% of Broward students entering BC wouldn’t need remediation in Math and English.

And who knows?  Schools and other projects might actually start and finish on time and on budget.

…and all the harebrained programs to improve student achievement might become so unnecessary as to put real money back into the classroom.