While Donnie Carter has withdrawn his application for interim Superintendent, it isn’t over quite yet.

True to form, Carter’s resume wasn’t properly checked against the posted requirements for the position.

In short, no Masters Degree.

The folks out on this side of the dais are now quite skeptical about the change in lowering the degree standard to Bachelors.

Without permitting applications from outside the district to be considered, I’ve been hearing that it’s a move to permit Carter to reapply since he now fits the qualifications.

While that’s bad enough, some of the comments on the blogs in the Sun Sentinel have pointed to the fact that Carter has some financial issues in public record.

I won’t publish the details, but you can find them through the Clerk of the Courts website by searching his name.

The link is here.

You can find details in the county’s database by searching here.

Is it the very same Donnie Carter?  Only he can answer that.

If it’s the same guy who can’t manage his own affairs, what’s he doing managing district affairs?

And if he is that guy, chalk up one more for Till and Notter.

There’s definitely some explaining to do.



More information has surfaced about Till the Terrible’s unexpected appearance (and I do mean unexpected) as Boys and Girls Club CEO in 2007.

At the time, I suspected that Till’s business buddies were responsible for pushing the incompetent leader into the position and I was right.

Sources tell me that a rather large check was written to the organization in order to have Till appointed as CEO.

The suggestion’s been made it was tit for tat, making the appointment essentially a bribe.

It fits with the information at the time that he was “dropped” on the board so suddenly that a number of directors threatened to walk out.

A pair of names was given to me and I won’t reveal them just yet.

But someone needs to examine the books of the organization.  The names and the size of the check will show up in the first quarter of 2007.


Some of these folks were part of the group of thugs that wanted to control the School Board.

And never forget that keeping Till in place as Superintendent permitted staff to continue its unchecked fraud and waste.

And remember…

It took the Boys and Girls Club board only one year to realize Till’s incompetence and fire him.