The community budget recommendations on Tuesday’s workshop brings a lot of good ideas.

One of those proposals I brought to Till the Terrible and Metro Technology eight years ago.

The idea was to make the district its own service company for the technology it consumes.

Having come from the retail and computer service industry when I became a Board member, I knew exactly how those operations worked.

At the time, the district had service contracts with external vendors such as the now defunct Mac Center in Ft. Lauderdale, meaning that we paid to have all service work done, both in warranty and out of warranty.

Here’s the way it works in the real world:

A service organization that’s manufacturer authorized (Apple, IBM, HP, Dell, etc.) gets paid to service computers, printers and other units that are in warranty.

Parts are free and so is shipping.  The service company then gets a “fee” for repairing the unit.

Those fees started at $45 and went higher depending on customer satisfaction.

It meant revenue to the district, not a drain on district resources as it was and still is.

For units that are out of warranty, the manufacturer will charge an exchange price for the part that is defective.

At the time, the exchange prices were anywhere between $40 and $80.

Try getting those prices for repair of any computer even back then when it cost upwards of $100 in the door to even look at the unit.  And that didn’t include the cost of the repair itself.

It cost us less by contract, but still…

Considering the massive consumption of technology within the district which will only expand as the years move on, it’s the best possible move.

It’s nice to see that somebody either remembered or else understands what I knew way back when.

Even if it is only eight years later.