The end of the world happens tomorrow (May 21st).

I wish I could remember every end of the world warnings I’ve lived through, so let’s just say my share.

The Harmonic Convergence of 1982 was an infrequent astronomical alignment of all eight planets on one side of the sun.

(FYI, Pluto was still considered as a planet back then but just didn’t cooperate.)

   Each of the other eight planets were aligned within several degrees of a straight line between the sun and the earth.

Predictions had the gravitational effects pulling the earth from both sides hard enough to cause massive earthquakes and volcano eruptions that would end the world.

I’m still waiting.

Maybe all those “new age” folks who linked their minds together for “good vibes” to stop the quakes and volcanos actually did stop it.

Sure.  And Bill Clinton is a cross dresser.

Then there were the dire predictions that the world would end on December 31, 1999.

Why?  Because Nostadamus made no predictions beyond that date.  Really.

This time it’s the rapture.

All the good folks will be gone by tomorrow night.

Of course that means you and I will still be here.

After all, if you’re reading Watching Broward you can’t be good, either.

But cheer up.  If you’re good it means no more property taxes, no more insurance premiums and no more worries about the end of the world.

Some of my sources say it will happen at noon.

Is that Eastern Standard Time or Greenwich Mean Time?

But the rest of us will need to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.

The CDC sure is.  They’re trying to prepare everybody for survival in any type of emergency.

Word has it they just chose Zombies because CDC’s Dr. Ali S. Khan’s favorite movie is Resident Evil.

Did anybody explain to him that the AMC series Walking Dead had the CDC headquarters in Atlanta abandoned and destroyed because of zombies?

Check in tomorrow (the 21st) and post  on the wordpress site so that I can take inventory.