With only about five weeks remaining until Superintendent Jim Notter retires from his post, the search for his temporary replacement went nowhere.

The invitation to apply for the position expired on May 13th.

Only two applications were received, but only one from a district employee which was a key provision, leaving only one application that could be considered.

The lone applicant?

Chief Operating Officer Donnie Carter.

Carter was appointed to the job in 2004 by Till the Terrible to replace his favorite pin cushion, Ken Klink.

Carter’s record of success in the job is sketchy at best.

According to the Organizational chart, as COO, he was directly responsible for managing a number of department heads including Transportation.

We all know how that went.

Former department heads Ruben Parker and Lucille Greene still under investigation a year and a half later, flying in the face of speedy trials and speedy resolutions for the taxpayers.

Their replacement, Carolyn Brownlee-Fuller, under Carter’s supervision simply doesn’t understand the priorities of her job, having blown off an audit meeting for her department which just happens to be missing $1 million in equipment.

And again, more recently, Board member complaints that the department blew off requests for more information during the budget process.

Under Carter’s supervision, the former CIO, Vijay Sonty attempted to bid rig at least one contract that I personally know of.

The CIO also handed out no bid contracts while (according to his own e-mail public information requests*) had himself appointed to corporate boards for companies doing business with the school district and took graft in the form of vendor paid trips including IBM while giving speeches for them and writing advertising materials.

All while ready to hand IBM a $30 million no-bid contract.

All under Donnie Carter’s watch.

Today the technology department (ETS) runs without a CIO and is instead run by a committee of five or six department directors.

There’s nobody to set priorities other than Carter himself.

That’s not acceptable, and yes, that was Jim Notter’s call.

Donnie Carter is the wrong individual to be considered for interim Superintendent and the process needs to be re-opened.

*Those e-mail public information requests were Sonty’s attempt to “get” those who fought to oust him from the district.