The headline in the Sun Sentinel reads; “Almost 6,000 Broward, Miami-Dade students fail final chance at FCAT”

2,026 of those students are from Broward Schools.

Those students are going nowhere until they pass the test.

Let me tell you why the number doesn’t matter.

Had they passed the FCAT, it’s more than likely they would have gone on to either Broward College or other community college.

Not FSU, FAU, UF or any other major league schools.


Because 80% of Broward high school graduates need remediation in Math and English.

Most of the major league colleges simply won’t deal with it.

Consider the preposterous idea that students who pass those wonderful state mandated FCAT exams still need remediation.

It’s quite true and it’s a dirty little secret.

Not once as a School Board member was it ever mentioned.

Not by School Board staff.

Not once during several meetings with the Board of Directors of BCC.

As I said.  It’s a dirty little secret that nobody wants to acknowledge.

I didn’t learn about it until after my term on the Board.

I didn’t learn about it until I registered my eldest daughter at BCC a year later.

The information came from my conversation with the Dean of the English department.

And still it’s not spoken about within the school district.

Certainly those students that failed the FCAT need remediation in order to pass the test and get their diplomas.

Not that it’s a necessary move.  It’s the law.

But the school district needs to acknowledge the disastrous need for remediation and take steps to change it.