Many of you already know that I spent nine years at the One and only.

That’s back when it was the one and only.

No longer what it was, today it’s just buried in the noise of mediocrity.

But I still have many sources from within and they’re giving me the lowdown on what we can expect when Norman arrives…

Meet Norman’s co-workers at Local Ten.

My sources sent me this photo of the team that will be working with Bob.

On the left is News Director Chuckles T. Clown.

To the right are the assistant News Director and the two co-anchors that will be delivering the news.

Now to the technical side…

First and foremost is the fact that the powers that be are so highly impressed with Bob’s ability to get stories first and get them right that they’re sparing no expense when it comes to acquiring the facilites needed for his stories.

The engineering crew has spared no time and no expense in wiring an edit control room for their new ace reporter.

I could bore you with the details, but let’s just say it’s the latest in 1960’s technology.

I’m told its the very same edit suite and equipment that NBC used to record and edit the show “Laugh in.”

I’ve even been given a line on the director assigned to Bob.

The individual who will be directing his segments rose from Associate Director years ago and cut his teeth directing several Local Ten hit shows.

Steve Kane’s Round Ten and the Joey Reynolds Show among them.

The individual on the left is Director J. Fred Muggs.

Prior to becoming a television director, Muggs rose to fame as co-host of NBC’s early Today Show with Dave Garroway.

Rumors abound at channel 10 that Fred’s grandson is looking to get into television production and may very well wind up as a personal production assistant to Bob.

Here’s a shot of his nephew learing the in’s and out’s of television directing on his own.

Channel 10 was so thrilled at the possibility of hiring Norman that they built him one of their special customized remote units.

It’s the latest in remote broadcast technology enabling a reporter to drive to any location.

No need for an engineer or support crew.

Now Bob can go chasing stories and broadcast on the spot.

Indeed we may find Norman reporting not only local stories, but national stories of interest as evidenced by this test run.

All I can say is this:

Good luck, Bob.

May your future stories be as lively and dead on accurate as your stories for the New Times.