It’s just another symptom of the internal sickness I’ve been detailing for months.

Staff has been out of control for way too many years and according to the latest Sun Sentinel article, the problem is still very much in place.

Article after article in the legitimate media has proven me right.

This time it’s the Transportation department that’s gone unfettered.

And now we find it’s the very same department that’s blown off Board member requests for information.

That’s no surprise, seeing that it’s the same department that blew off several of my own requests way back when.

With all of the interdepartmental incompetence over the years, including ETS (when I first came on board) who knows the real where what and why of the missing phone system.?

But 170 computers and laptops are missing among other things.

Were the number only ten or twenty, it would be very easy to term departmental management as incompetent even though (unfortunately) it wouldn’t be unusual.

But 170 goes way beyond that.

And it goes way beyond poor record keeping.  I’d call it thievery.

According to the Sun Sentinel, much of this was outlined in a 2007 audit.

…and not addressed since then.

Poor record keeping was the prime excuse used in the Maintenance department mismanagement back in 2003.

The same “excuse” was used by Mike Garretson while feeding money to builders and architects.

Now we’re hearing the same old worn out song from Transportation.

The grand jury criticizes School Board members for not having management expertise, but then where’s the commentary about staff?

Example after example of management incompetence year after year and still it continues.

The only bright spot has been Tom Lindner.

Meanwhile, Carolyn Brownlee-Fuller, acting director of Transportation didn’t bother to show up to a meeting called to discuss the audit findings.

She blew it off and had other members from the department attend instead, saying she had other things to do.  “We can’t be at all places at all times.”

No Carolyn.  That’s Job number 1 for a department head.

Get rid of Brownlee-Fuller right now.

Chief Auditor Pat Reilly said his staff struggled to get information out of the department for the new audit, something that was complicated by poor record-keeping. Many of the problems identified in the new audit were pointed out in 2007 but never addressed.

I’ll say it again.

Get rid of Brownlee-Fuller right now.  Her priorities are in the wrong place and she’s had a year to understand what her job is all about.

If Brownlee-Fuller came up through the ranks, then the wrong work ethic is ingrained in the ranks.

And while you’re at it, get rid of Ruben Parker and Lucille Greene as well.

If the leadership of the department is rotten to the core what can be said about the ranks?

Prime reason number 1 why the next Superintendent needs to be somebody who understands how to kick ass and take names.

That’s a message I tried to send back in 2006.

Now at least, they’re paying attention.