I’ve been going through some of my old communications as a School Board member.

I’ve been finding some really interesting stuff.

Since Score Keeper and Hammerhead continue to claim that taxpayer millions down the drain is all the School Board’s doing, maybe they’d like explain this one:

The e-mail is from Jerry Graziose to Michael Garretson.

Emphasis is mine.


I met with Jihad El Eid, Director of Broward County Traffic Engineering (BCTE) this morning to discuss the installation of the traffic signal at NW 82 Avenue and NW 44 Street for Piper High School.   This meeting was in response to inaccurate information that was provided to School Board Member Marty Rubinstein by Project Manager Charles Ricks, advising that the driveway work at Piper High School and the installation of the traffic signal would be completed by August 8, 2005 for the start of school.  When Mr. Rubinstein received this information, it was relayed to the Homeowners Association that is located in the area adjacent to Piper High School.  Myself along with Mr. Rubinstein’s secretary Maureen Cory attended the Homeowners Association meeting on behalf of Mr. Rubinstein and I explained the entire traffic project including the traffic signal and the new time line for installation to the association members.  I have advised all parties that I would meet with the Director of the BCTE and seek his assistance in moving up the ordering of the Mast Arms for the new traffic signal, instead of waiting for our driveway project to be completed and then ordering the Mast Arms.

Mr. El Eld and his staff reviewed the designs that were prepared by Miller Legg and advised me of the following:

Since this plan has been in the works since the late 1990’s the design of traffic signals has changed from span wire to mast arms.  Mast arms are more expensive and our continuous delays in this project has cost the county an additional $100,000. to change the traffic light.  Since this plan, the county now requires that an east and west bound left turn lane also be constructed for this traffic signal.  Since this plan was first drafted the Safety Department was originally requested funds of $500,000.  Now, the cost of the school project is around 1.1 million.  We have authorized the additional funds be transferred for this project.

Therefore,  BCTE will order the mast arms now for the new traffic signal.  This action by the Director of BCTE will mean that the mast arms will probably be here in about 5 months.  They will put a hold on the installation of the mast arms until we (School District) or the neighboring cities (Sunrise and or Lauderhill) agree to install the two left turn lanes.

It was recommended that you set up a meeting to discuss this issue to see if we can address the concern listed above.


What we have was a project authorized in the late 1990’s being addressed in August of 2005, and it’s just a small sampling of what really went on behind the scenes.

We also have documentation of staff supplying bad information to a School Board member (me.)

Costs increased from half a million to $1.1 million, or 120%

Let that sink in for a moment.  One hundred and twenty percent increase in cost!

Not a penny went to lobbyists pockets or anywhere else.

Just down the drain because of staff incompetence and delay.

our continuous delays in this project has cost the county an additional $100,000.”

Not only did staff cost our own taxpayer an extra $600,000 but the county an additional $100,000.

I wonder if any of these kinds of memos went to the grand jury?.