Yes folks, Norman’s at it once again.

“From Medicare fraud to the foreclosure mess, Brad Hertz seems to bring trouble wherever he goes. 

After Hertz, a very close friend and business associate of Democratic state Sen. Jim Waldman, got out of federal prison for ripping off Medicare, he went to work to “rescue” homeowners in trouble with their mortgages. But numerous complaints filed by his customers allege that Hertz, with his “Home Rescue Foundation,” instead took their money — and their houses.”

Fist things first, Jim Waldman is not a State Senator.

He’s State Representative for district 95.

While Hertz may very well not be the person of the year in Pulp’s mind, his latest article is journalistic garbage.

As usual, pure guilt by association.

Well, until this little disclaimer at the end: “Waldman and Hertz have been in business together in the past; it doesn’t appear the senator has any involvement in the current mess.”


While showing up blitzed to give a speech to Young Democrats may be a no – no, hitting the sauce while celebrating a new job is quite understandable.

But still…

The bulk of the article is about the friendship between the two and the fact that Waldman was a registered agent for Hertz’s company involved in Medicare fraud.

“Waldman was the registered agent for the Hertz company that defrauded Medicare of $7 million but was never implicated in any wrongdoing.

What does a registered agent do?

Files the corporate forms with the State of Florida, and receives “official” correspondence from the state concerning only matters of the corporation.

That’s it.  Period.

Meanwhile; “Hertz’s fraudulent activity never bothered Waldman, who helped throw his friend a going-away-party before Hertz checked into the federal pen to serve his one year sentence.”

I take it Norman has never had anything but fair weather friends.

Maybe there’s no accounting for taste on Waldman’s part, but then…

Such is the fodder for a Pulp type article.

Our gain is truly Channel ten’s loss.