Well, it must be true.

After all, Pulp says it happened.

In an article published today, he chastizes current School Board constriction chief Tom Lindner over the sum of $100,000 that should have been returned to the district by Cummings Construction.

And rightly so.

But in the article, Norman is quoted as saying “Cummings has been a generous contributor to school board members’ campaigns and has hired former school board construction officials to work at his firm, including former construction chief Ray De La Feuilliez after he was blasted in a prior state grand jury report.”

Cummings did what???

Hired former school board construction offficials???

Seems to me I’ve read that somewhere before.

No, not in the grand jury report.

Yeah, Bob, the campaign donations are old news, but it’s good to see you finally starting to ackowledge the staff connections.

Who knows?  Maybe Hammerhead and Score Keeper might own up to it as well.


Keep following that line, Bob.  You’ll never know what might turn up.

You might actually find out how the real conspiracy came down.