For years now, we’ve been hearing accusations about corruption in the school district being made by bloggers who hide in the dark like cockroaches along with know nothing yellow journalist writers.

Accusations of misspent money and secret deals between School Board members and their “lobbyist” buddies.

But to this day, not a single shred of evidence against other Board members has been produced by any one of the accusers.

Plenty of finger pointing and lots of innuendo, but no evidence.

Even the grand jury report was chock full of one sided testimony, much of it consisting of deliberate misinformation and even more innuendo.

The grand jurors weren’t investigators at all.  They were blog readers.

We actually do have one rogue Board member attempting to sell her influence to Federal agents.  But she’s already in jail.

And we have one more School Board member charged, but neither tried, nor convicted.

The crime?

Arranging a discounted impact fee for dirty developers while her husband did consulting work for them.

What?  No secret deal in either case with lobbyists to line their pockets with millions of taxpayer dollars as the yellow journalists would have their readers believe?


Will there be more arrests?  With time marching on it’s becoming less and less likely.

What we wind up with instead are years upon years of accusations and direct smears on the reputations of at least a dozen other Board members without producing a single shred of evidence.

And the only witnesses are the mealy mouthed vermin who hide in the dark with their accusations and succeed in egging on the likes of the Grand Inquisitor himself, Bob Norman.

And as I mentioned, the state’s grand jury report is dubious at best, while the lies, misinformation and just plain stupid conclusions have been exposed here.

With all of that, there really is evidence of a cesspool within the district.

Evidence exposed and published here and all too easily documented in public records.

Bid rigging, graft, cover ups, loaded voting ballots, facilities employees taking jobs with builders, managers taking family vacations paid for by vendors winning no bid contracts, a department head having himself appointed as chair of a selection committee and having himself appointed to boards of companies doing business with the district, threats to public officials and more, up to and including a Superintendent that was an accessory after the fact (having full knowledge.)

While not a single shred of evidence has been produced in accusing Board members, not one finger has been lifted by any agency or “reporter” to investigate the real criminal activity in the school district.

Corruption takes all forms, including willful failure to investigate real evidence of real crimes.

That’s the gross incompetence on which the next grand jury should focus.