Take a good look at these folks.

They’re part of the power structure that lobbied to keep your school district under the control of the incompetent Till the Terrible.

They’re part of the power structure that lobbied to keep your school district under the control of the incompetent Till the Terrible.

Let me put it another way:

The grand jury report, twisted as it was, starts right here with their warnings not to challenge their buddy.

The fact that their “buddy” refused to hold his subordinates accountable was bad enough, but these folks were just as responsible for the district disasters by doing what ever it took to keep him “safe.”

I’ll be introducing you to many of them in a series of articles like this one.

You all know the man on the left, he’s former School Board member Dr. Abraham Fischler, President Emeritus of Nova Southeastern University.

He’s also a member of the Board of Directors of CELT corporation, the technology company in Massachusetts that continued to get no bid contracts from Terrible Till.

In case you missed it, CELT is the same company that flew district personnel to their headquarters to attend not only one of their self promoting “conferences,” but to take a local side trip and go whale sightseeing as well.

The man on the right is none other than former State Representative Fred Lippman.

Readers of Watching Broward will recall my reference to an individual who warned me not to challenge Till “because he had too many powerful friends.”

Now you know who it was that gave me that advice.

As for Ferrraro’s involvement, I’ll have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

It seems he may have been snookered into presenting the award to Till.

If I find out differently, you’ll read it here.

Just remember this:

Next time you see somebody getting a major award from a prestigious institution, just look at the photo at top center and you’ll have proof positive that it’s less about reality and more about buddy – buddy back slapping politics.

Now  there’s what Pulp should have described as a Hoity-Toity head spinning award dinner.