Take a really good look at these two.

They’re also part of the power structure that lobbied to keep your school district under the control of the incompetent Till the Terrible.

Yup.  Another pair of community “leaders” that stood in the way of getting rid of corruption.

Virginia Miller and Alan Levy were part of the Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce team that harassed both Stephanie Kraft and myself in 2004 for daring to question their incompetent buddy.

Actually they may very well have treated me with more disdain since I had the audacity to post stories of Till’s incompetence on the internet so that the taxpaying public ultimately had the opportunity to read about it.

Something they just couldn’t permit.

While Levy basically sat silent during the process, one by one the harrangues came on.

Miller was one of the most arrogant of the bunch.

Somehow, someone on the Board apparently screwed over her husband ten years earlier and Miller proceeded to take it out on me.

She then announced that I knew nothing about “Boardsmanship,” and I had better learn quickly.

That statement was simply code for fall in line or else.

Did I ever mention that Miller is part and parcel of Miller Construction?

Was there a connection?

Considering some of the other construction connections that I’ve already shown on Watching Broward, there maybe more than meets the eye.

Want proof that I was “blowing the whistle” way back when while Norman, Nevins and the Caped Crusaders were nowhere to be found?

Read on…

According to the account of that meeting by the South Florida Business Journal (published on May 17, 2004): “Some of the most respected leaders in the business community – including Alan Levy of the Broward Workshop, Virginia Miller of Miller Construction and engineer Bill Keith – recently met with one school board member, Marty Rubinstein, to say that he needs to tone down the criticism.”

Tone it down?

Not quite.  More like “keep your mouth shut or else.”

In fact the lead harrangue master directly threatened my re-election.

Note: Only the late Bill Keith had sense enough to understand what his fellow chamber members were up to.  He’d had more than enough and left the meeting.

It’s amazing that the SFBJ never mentioned that little fact.

The Journal editors live in a different world and tell us this:  “The Business Journal knows several of the people who attended the meeting with Rubinstein.”

“They are among the most principled business leaders in the region and they care deeply about our children. It’s shameful that Rubinstein would engage in such characterizations.”

The characterizations?

“There is a group of Business Leaders in the county that believes that they are the arbitors of all things right and wrong with Broward County Schools. They seem to believe that they are appointed by God.”

“These are mean, arrogant, evil people with intent to control your elected officials, and if they can’t, they intend to twist the electorate itself to their will.”

Unfortunately the editors of the SFBJ couldn’t predict that one of those very same “principled business leaders” would go on to almost single handedly destroy ChildNet only three years later as Chair of that Board of Directors.

It really is about Boardsmanship.

And I stand by my characterizations of the Ft. Lauderdale goon squad all these years later.

There’s an old adage that says the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

These folks along with the rest of the goon squad are living proof.

And now you have another piece of the puzzle in the grand jury’s amazement at the district incompetence.