The latest article headline from the Sun Sentinel didn’t fail to grab my attention and I hope it grabbed the attention of Buddy Nevins.

Remember the quote on Broward Beat?   “If staff lied, then fire staff.”

From the Sun Sentinel: “Tensions boil over as Broward School Board discusses budget cuts.”

Board members Nora Rupert and Laurie Rich Levinson now see for themselves what I’ve been publishing for years.

Staff, in Rupert’s words, is playing a shell game.

It’s just amazing that a quote of $12 million becomes $7 million.

Donnie Carter says no, “it’s a fact.”

No, Donnie, if the figure truly is $7 million then the first one was overestimated by 70%.

In the real world, estimates with errors of 5% are rarely tolerated, but not in the school district.

The reason doesn’t matter, and it’s a perfect example of the gross mismanagement I’ve come to expect from staff.

It’s just another reason to put Frank Till’s and now Jim Notter’s senior staff out to pasture.

They’re also seeing the same stonewalling from staff that I’ve experienced.

There’s absolutely no reason why staff can’t answer a question from a Board member for five weeks.

But don’t worry, they’ll probably dance around the issue just like they have done all these years.

Don’t, however, take the first answer seriously since staff still can’t come up with the same answer twice.

But then it took three different answers from staff to justify West Broward High.

If staff can’t give a reasonably accurate answer in the first place then what’s the point?

And if staff can’t be bothered to answer a Board member’s question after five weeks, what’s the point?

And the new School Board is seeing it for themselves right up front.

More reason than ever to hire a Superintendent that will kick ass and take names.

When all is said and done and real answers are in, Board members can ask transportation one more question:

Why have I (yours truly) seen more than one school bus driver park their buses together in the rear of the Broward Mall parking lot and go shopping at 10am?