…the reality is that when it comes to the question of TAO, he’s innocent until proven guilty.

But knowing the old Feren/Salerno gang, I suspect the FBI’s interest goes way beyond whether or not Feren got his deposit back while others had to sue.

Believe me, I won’t lose any sleep if he’s taken away in handcuffs.

Why anybody would buy into a Condo that looks down onto the roof of Sawgrass Mall is beyond me.

Yeah, high up the view is more than 30 miles out into the everglades, but still…

My biggest beef with Feren is that he lies like a sleeping dog.

In December of 2004, Feren and Salerno came before the School Board to promote the city’s willingness to “encourage” the district to purchase a tract of land located directly behind Sunrise Lakes for the proposed Sunrise high school.

December 7th, actually.  The other December 7th that will live in infamy.

Feren wanted the school right behind the senior community and boasted in his speech that he had “checked with the residents of Sunrise Lakes” and they had no problem.

He told us they supported education.

As it turned out, Feren lied through his teeth, never asking anyone in Sunrise Lakes about the school.

And Buddy Nevins reported on the sheer anger from the senior community the following Saturday.

I met with Buddy later that week and handed him a recording of Feren’s own statement to the School Board.

Buddy called him later that day.

The lying Mayor had two choices:

Tell the truth with a song and dance or…   lie about it.

And true to form, Feren denied ever saying he checked with the seniors in Sunrise Lakes.

And then Buddy played him the recording.


I would have let it drop after that, but Feren just couldn’t resist another opportunity to lie about it..

Meanwhile, I fought Feren’s “blessed” location when another parcel became available.

The Commission wouldn’t hear of it and delayed for a month until public pressure gave them no choice but to back off and endorse the new location instead.

Realize that the March 2005 elections were on the horizon and Feren was boasting about his prowess as an elected official.

And so he addressed the West Broward Democratic club at the end of January.

And Feren took the opportunity to lie about the school location yet again.

In front of the crowd, he took full credit for moving it away from Sunrise Lakes and blamed the School Board (me) for wanting to put it there in the first place.

Feren’s friends were already in gear blaming the “scheme” on me along with Commissioner Don Rosen (whose seat was also up that March) about the scheme to locate the school.

The Feren gang simply had no shame.

Too bad I had a secret weapon in my pocket.

My little old voice recorder with a copy of Feren’s own School Board speech.

Several members of the West Broward board came up to Rosen and I giving us hell about the school.

Rosen looked at them and told them not to believe him, but listen to what I had in my pocket.

I played the recording.

To say that their jaws were hit the floor is an understatement.

One told me that she didn’t want to believe me, but she had to believe her own ears.

A week later I recorded a phone message along with the “tape,” and blasted it out to Sunrise Lakes.

Feren never forgave me for “what I did to him.”

But then, I’ve never lost sleep over it.

Of course there’s a back story to all of this as to who, what, when, where, and why.

All of which I knew.

Somebody close to the “inner circle” simply couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

The ultimate question is; will Feren tell the truth in the FBI investigation?

That’s for you to figure out.