The Palm Beach School Board has offered its teachers raises for those with ten years or less on the job.

The Classroom Teachers Association (CTA) which represents Palm Beach teachers is seriously considering the move which would raise the salaries of 6,480 teachers by about $1,296 each.

The move would also raise their starting teacher pay from $36,822 to $38,000 per year.

Broward teachers start at $39,000 per year while Miami-Dade teachers start at $38,500.

The 6,840 teachers that would benefit from the raise constitute 54% of the district’s teachers.

Broward can always follow suit with an offer to raise salaries of those at step18 and below.

Step 18 is the first raise teachers get that is above $1,000 per year.

$1,141 to be exact.

Those at 18 and below constitute approximately 85% of the teaching staff.

Since the district is offering $26 million for raises, by distributing the raises to those 85% would yield a raise of approximately $1,900 per teacher.

If it were not considered a “step raise” it would also boost starting pay from $39,000 to $40,900.

It’s time for the School Board to address the plight of those teachers in the district that truly are underpaid.

In Broward, it takes a teacher 14 years to move from $39,000 to $45,820 under the step system.

Even during good years with negotiated raises, getting to the $45,000 level won’t change much at all since the majority of the money still goes to teachers at step 20 and above.

And that’s the best reason of all to delete the step scale from any future contract.

In Palm Beach County, it takes a teacher only 12 years to break the $45,000 per year barrier($36,822 to $46,647.)

And that’s starting about $2,200 LOWER than Broward.

It’s time to pay all Broward teachers a living wage and those that object can do the district a favor and either retire early or find other work.