Apparently, Stewart Webster just doesn’t know when to quit.

The Harold Stassen of Broward Politics is making a bid to keep his name current once again.

This time he’s looking to be re-appointed as a member of the School Board Diversity Committee.

He’s the same guy who as a District 4 appointee to the committee once before, decided to move out of the district and run against me for the District 6 Board seat.

Needless to say he was removed from the committee by Stephanie Kraft.

Leave it to good ole Stew to charge both of us with racism in a letter published in the Westside Gazette.

This is the very same guy who took credit for solving the School Board mold and mildew problems through his membership on the same Diversity Committee during school visitations.

He made that ridiculous claim at a debate in front of the Pine Island Ridge Democratic Club.

I guess he didn’t expect anyone to look up his real record of attendance.

Out of fifteen committee visits, Webster attended only five.

One out of three.  What a great record.

Last year, Webster ran for the District 4 seat on the School Board with campaign literature making this claim:

But he kind of spoiled that by claiming he was a Psychologist and Certified Teacher.

Notice “certified teacher” in bold letters.

Not in Florida.

Nor any other state I’ve checked.

And don’t forget:

Advertising as a Psychologist in any form without a license to practice is a criminal offense in Florida.

Caught in his usual tendency to make outrageous claims, Webster toned his “teacher” routine down by telling at least one audience he was a “substitute” teacher who was well respected by every school he’s worked with.

Only he made the mistake of touting Cypress Bay High School.

Uhhh… message to Stew…

Cypress Bay’s Principal is a friend of mine.

When I mentioned your claim, he couldn’t stop laughing.

Give it up, Stew.

But I’ll re-issue my original challenge from last year.

Show me documented, verifiable proof of your Teacher Certification and your Psychologist License and I’ll publish them here

And while you’re at it, provide verifiable proof of your newly acquired Master’s Degree in Public Administration and I’ll be happy to publish that, too.