Darn those dastardly overspending School Board members.

They’ve been absolutely shameless all these years.

Now they’re going to extreme lengths to hide their crimes.

Crimes of stuffing money into the pockets of their lobbyist buddies.

Crimes of stuffing money into the pockets of builders and contractors.

All of this forcing the recipients of those ill gotten taxpayer dollars to build and build and build to such a point that there’s no other option but to start removing more of those old disgusting empty portable classrooms.

And it’s just a Board scheme to hide the Grand Inquisitor’s building boom delusion.

Let’s face it…

Nobody really cares that the 2002 grand jury directed the Board to build new brick and mortar classrooms and schools.

Our leader, the Grand Inquisitor certainly doesn’t.

Nobody cares that the class size amendment required the same and neither does the Grand Inquisitor.

Nobody cares that parents and community leaders wanted their school children out of nasty, mold and mildew infested portable classrooms.

And certainly nobody cares that the student population rose uncontrolled from 1992 through 2006.

Certainly our Grand Inquisitor cares nothing about any of this.

Well now these hardened criminals have gone and done it again.

In order to hide their dastardly crimes, they’re mandating the removal of those empty dilapidated classrooms so they can’t be counted as empty seats.

That it will save $40,000 per year in maintenance costs for each one means absolutely nothing.

Regardless of the fact that state law requires school districts to remove portables over 20 years old and that 82% of Broward’s portables are that old, it has nothing to do with it.

Will the Grand Inquisitor take note of any of this?

I think not.

But it’s worse than that…

Removing those portables will require the district to restore all of those lost sports fields and courts, requiring even more money be spent.

So it’s up to me to make the observation…

It’s about damn time!