There appears to be movement in that direction.

The Board has agreed to perform an interim evaluation to be completed as quickly as possible.

The bad news is that the 30 day window for the proposed workshop is at best questionable since it means that staff will likely hash out the questions and details rather than the Board members.

That’s exactly how many in staff have perpetrated the fraud (yes, FRAUD) in much of the disaster that defines the current School Board.

It was staff that devised the absolutely twisted evaluation instruments for Frank Till, year after year, changing the instrument when the results weren’t what Till wanted to hear.

Make that every year.

It was staff that recommended the purchase of the swamp land.

It was staff that recommended and initiated the contract on the property that would become West Broward High.

It was staff that twisted the numbers to justify West Broward High, not once, not twice, but three times.

It was staff that recommended high value, no-bid contracts

It was staff that recommended temporary CO’s and never followed up.

It was staff that recommended delaying the required facilities inventory.

It was staff that delayed projects year after year until costs climbed through the roof.

It was staff that loaded most of the ballots so that it was almost impossible to select any but a chosen builder.

And it was staff that mislead the Grand Jury over details like the Ten Year Master Plan.

Take my advice.

Do NOT permit staff to define the evaluation instrument.

After all, staff works for who?

I cannot believe that nine Board members will have a great deal of difficulty in determining a set of 20 questions and criteria on which to evaluate their one subordinate..

Grand Jury be damned, bloggers be damned, this is the one situation where the Board’s “activism” cannot be criticized under any circumstance.

This will be one defining moment on which the Board can win back at least some of the public’s trust.

And, no, the ultimate answer will not satisfy everybody.  There will always be critics.

But it comes with the territory.

As I’ve said before; the public doesn’t care what staff thinks.  They care what the Board thinks