Miriam Oliphant would still be Supervisor of Elections today had she done one thing right:


When Oliphant took over the office from Jane Carroll, it was a well oiled machine where everybody knew their jobs and did them well.

Had Oliphant just walked into her new office, closed the door, put her feet up on her desk and watched TV shows like “All My Children” she’d have been the success she always thought she was.

But that wasn’t to be.

Oliphant was the proverbial prima donna on steroids.

Her housecleaning of Supervisor’s office was legendary, replacing much of the “well oiled machine” with her friends, neighbors and relatives.

Even her Chief Information Officer was somebody she met in an elevator as the story goes.

As a School Board member she always loved attention.

Oliphant never failed to walk into a political club meeting late.

Walking in late got the audience to pay attention to her.

And heaven forbid that the person at the microphone didn’t announce her arrival!

Oliphant even strutted into the funeral service of her long time supporter, Sunrise Lakes resident Nat Geier.

Late as usual, wearing her trademark fire engine red suit.

She was never comfortable unless the audience stopped what they were doing to look up.

Oliphant’s 2000 campaign for Supervisor of Elections was based on misinformation by her “team.”

The word going around Sunrise Lakes on primary day was that Miriam needed the job while her opponent was a rich businessman.

Of course she needed the job because her husband was a Sky Cap at the airport.

He wasn’t, of course.  He’s a musician.

Of course years later I found out through a Sun Sentinel article that Sky Caps tended to earn $100,000 or more…

This by no means indicates that Oliphant gave out the misinformation, but somebody in her campaign sure as hell did.

And then there was the story of Oliphant’s first foray into her new School Board office.

While being acquainted with her new benefits and Cafeteria Plan, the report says she “hoped the children were well fed in the Cafeteria.”

Is she experienced enough to get top scale at the School District?

According to her resume, it’s debatable.

But on the wall of my home office, I have a real collector’s item:

A Certificate of Election signed by Miriam Oliphant.

I have only one question; did she sign it on time, or was she late?