Roland Foulkes, Chair of the School Board’s Diversity Committeewrote an e-mail blasting the use of the “N” word, saying essentially:

“It is wrong, inappropriate, unacceptable, not to be tolerated in 2011!

No other group would tolerate it — i.e., the use of an historically negative, hate-filled, other-deprecating word. During the 2004-2005 academic year, I witnessed — and it was reported in local newspapers — the immediate, swift, removal of a teacher, for use of the “‘F’-word (3 letters there)” in addressing a student in one of our schools, following a diversity committee site visit. A word overheard and reported by the then-Diversity Committee chair”

“Such epithets must never be on the lips — in the hearts, minds and souls — of anyone, especially an elected official supposedly representing, elected by, the very same people targeted in the slur!”

He signs the e-mail;

Roland A. Foulkes
Private Citizen / Voter

This guy’s not the same untainted “citizen” that Bob Norman would have you believe.

When I read the Pulp’s published e-mail from Foulkes, I had no other choice then to ask:

Is this the same Roland Foulkes who as Vice Chair of the Diversity Committee in 2005 referred to Gays as carriers of disease?

Is this the same guy who likened their quest for re-defining “family” to the Mansion familyand the Jim Jones family?

Yes folks, it really happened during a Diversity Committee public hearing about the “We Are Family” video.

If you question it; order copies of the minutes of the Diversity Committee meetings dealing with the We Are Family video and read them for yourself.

Stupid comments on the part of both Murray AND Foulkes to say the least, but WHERE WERE THE DEMANDS FOR HIS RESIGNATION BACK THEN?

Now that you know, using the same standard being applied to Ann Murray, FOULKES NEEDS TO RESIGN FROM THE DIVERSITY COMMITTEE RIGHT NOW!

Foulkes’ gaffe was five years ago.  Murray’s was four.

Foulkes was a “leader” of a racially and humanly sensitive district committee with broad exposure.

Murray was a district employee with limited exposure.

Or does Foulkes get yet one more pass?

Slurs shouldn’t be tolerated in 2011, but were similar slurs okay in 2005?

I won’t defend Murray on what turns out to be her stupid comments, but neither will I permit ignored or twisted history to be used as justification for yellow journalism at its finest.

While writing this article, sources informed me that not only did School Board Member Murray apologize in a press release from her office, but district employee Murray also apologized to staff and her superiors after the incident.

According to sources, even the EEOC, which investigated the incident, chose to close the case saying that the reprimand she received was satisfactory.

So why is the media silent on the fact that not only did Murray issue an apology at the time, but that the EEOC accepted the district’s decision?

Apparently, somebody has an agenda.

As I wrote in previous article, people sometimes say stupid things.

Neither Murray nor Foulkes are enemies of diversity, so get over it.

The district has more than enough to address without having to deal with a situation that can be solved by the real apologies back then and now.

Since the rest of the story is now out, perhaps the proposed meeting between Murray and Foulkes can start off on equal footing.