Looking for ways to cut even more money from the district’s budget, Board members have come up with a suggestion about placing district staff on a limited summer schedule.

The concept would minimize services over the summer months and place staff on different schedules than they’re on now.

The biggest cut would have staff on a ten month schedule as are teachers.

Whether staff would give up two months pay had not been broached, but comment was made that people would rather keep their jobs rather than be laid off.

Closing area offices and even offices in KC Wright for two months would save millions.

Furlough of staff would save even more.

The Board took up the subject of skeleton staffing during the summer months but staff was clearly against any such move.

One staffer described the summer as “the biggest cram session” of all.

When the suggestion was changed from two months to two weeks, staff wouldn’t budge.

It seems that beyond the furlough days during the school year, there’s no more room for staff participation in trying to save the district money.

And that may very well mean more layoffs.

I am thoroughly convinced that setting staff onto a ten month schedule will not only be successful, but it will be too successful.

It will be successful because staff will find a way to make the schedule work.

The “too successful” will be the convincing of the legislature that the district really didn’t need the money it saved in the first place.