“Make that “hoity-toity head-spinning Award Dinners.”

Pulp and his band of “insider” incompetent phonies simply can’t stop making things up.

It’s what bullshit artists do when caught in the act.

When all else fails invent a new twist.  Something that’s never been used before.

And so comes the “hoity-toity head-spinning awards dinners.”

Were there award dinners?

Absolutely, and I’ve purchased tickets to more than my share of them.

Were they financed by builders, contractors or lobbyists as Pulp’s usual “half-truth” would have you believe?

Not on your life.

They were financed by Political Clubs and community organizations looking to make a quick buck off the ticket sales and the journal ads.

And the “guests of honor” generally knew that fact.

But here’s what Pulp won’t tell you.

When a School Board member was a “guest of honor,” at any of these “hoity-toity head-spinning dinners they weren’t the only guest of honor.

Usually there were three or four of which the Board member was one.

Here’s a little inside information:  Most weren’t head spinning at all.

Unless, that is, it’s a code word for B-O-R-I-N-G.

Sorry, honorees, while I have the greatest respect, to me it was always more about the party and the networking, not the yak, yak, yak of non-stop speeches.

And the food was good, too.

So far, Pulp or the others haven’t lied to you that I was “a guest of honor” at some of these head-spinning awards dinners.

Not even once. I wouldn’t hear of it.

The closest anybody was ever allowed to get was a packet in my morning School Board mail saying that I was nominated as District Non-Educational employee of the year in 2005.

I have to admit… I actually considered it for all of fifteen seconds before I tossed the packet in the trash.

I had absolutely no right to compete with somebody who’d given fifteen or twenty years of good service to the district.

But I actually did host one of those “hoity-toity head-spinning awards dinners” as the President of a Democratic Club.

Actually, it was a Luncheon, but then facts never matter when it comes to the group.

One of the three honorees was none other than School Board member, Darla Carter.

Wooo…  Let’s wait for one of the serial miscreants to conjure up some sort of non existent connection there.

Some people in the political world think of such events as a badge of honor.

I don’t need no stinkin badges.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

But stay tuned.

Expect the Pulp gang to come out with even more outrageous claims as the evidence mounts against their fantasy.

Meanwhile…  back at the farm