When it comes right down to it, the district’s project managers and inspectors were 99 % of the district’s problem in getting things done.

Even as misguided as the Grand Jury was, they agree that the outrageous behavior between the two groups was cause for all sorts of shenanigans.

The best example of the sheer lunacy of the two groups is the still incomplete renovation of Ft. Lauderdale High School some thirteen years later.

With examples like that, it’s a wonder that anything gets done.

It makes me ask if that was the reason the district had to resort to using TCOs, or Temporary Certificates of Occupancy.

Certainly, staff wouldn’t bother to volunteer that kind of information to the Grand Jury.

And you have to know that a lot of these incompetent back biters were in place at the time the 2002 Grand Jury reported its findings on use of TCOs.

Time after time, example after example.

Six months of arrogant back biting over plans for Certificate of Occupancy back and forth, all the while the modulars in question had state approval stickers.

Only the morons never considered that possibility.

At least not until this “activist” School Board member stepped in and stopped the lunacy.

The back biting was so much more important.

Five years or more worth of project non start because project managers couldn’t find their asses with two hands and a flashlight.

I can certainly lay some of the blame on management, and I know for a fact that the very same management was totally frustrated by the sheer ineptitude of their employees.

The more I think about it, the more I have to believe that one driving reason for switching to Construction Manager at Risk (CM at Risk) was simply to get projects done without risking interference from facilities staff incompetence.

The good news was that since Tom Lindner took the reins of the Facilities Department, some of the culprits started feeding misinformation to the blog media about how terrible things had become.

I suspect that for the first time, these slackers were being queried on whether they were doing the jobs they’re getting paid for.

It’s time to outsource and get rid of one more level of incompetency.

And save money.