I was working on a different article when a question from Jeanne Jusevic came on facebook asking if I care about the hard working members of staff who aren’t corrupt.

Well, the answer is that I do.

Fact is, the clear majority of staffers are great, hardworking members of the district.

It’s just a shame that the few corrupt members of staff have been permitted to run unchecked for years on end.

Yeah, we’ve had some bad Board Members, and while dragging them through the mud nobody seems to object to slinging some of that mud on the good Board members.

Already some are calling the new Board member corrupt.

How dare they…!

Yes, even I’ve written that the Board’s been lazy in listening to staff and not calling their employee (the Superintendent) on the carpet to explain himself in public on screw ups.

Screw ups that always land squarely in the Board’s lap.

The public has no objection to dragging good public servants through the mud.

Well, I for one, won’t stand for it.

As a Board member, I fought staff incompetence and corruption.

I lost my seat because the voters just weren’t ready to hear it.

Well, they are now.

But I, too, am part of the Board that’s being sullied by false accusations even though I STOPPED BID RIGGING, had one manager on the take FIRED, blocked an attempt to swipe hundreds of millions from taxpayers pockets and FIRED the Superintendent at the root of it all.

And I’m the only Board member that publicly fought with Mike Garretson over the swamp land.

But most of the corrupt Board accusations are coming from the very staffers at the root of the incompetence and corruption.

They have a vested interest in keeping the spotlight pointing somewhere else.

Jeanne, understand that it’s these few that are sullying the reputation of the good and hard working staff members.

Somebody’s obviously complaining to you and that means someone’s feeling the heat.

Was it our fault for not putting the Superintendent and his senior staff publicly on the spot time and time again?

I suppose it was, even though I was on the learning curve.

The great district employees can’t expose the culprits, but I can.

Realize that the Grand Jury report is a one sided document.  Prosecution only.

There is no defense to cross examine “witnesses.”

Yet the accused have the right to face their accusers.

There are no avenues to expose lies and call their testimony into question.

No avenue but right here.

If it can’t be done in a court of law, then it must be done in the court of public opinion.

The accusers and the yellow journalists don’t seem to have a problem with that.

When one particularly stupid politician calls ALL BOARD MEMBERS CORRUPT it’s more than enough.

Especially when this particular politician’s boss was in a position to stem the tide of corruption in the district years ago and did NOTHING.

And the two yellow journalist bloggers who have no problem holding court now, but were asleep at the switch those several years ago.

Somebody has to fight back and tell the truth.

Somebody has to fight back an question the accusations and “evidence.”

So here I sit.

And here I write.

And to the 99.9% of the district employees who are hard working and under valued, stand tall.

You are appreciated.