Somebody apparently grew a brain and fired Miriam Oliphant.

Too little and too late for Jim Notter, though.

Hiring her in the first place was just one more example of massive staff corruption in the School District.

It isn’t just Facilities, it’s everywhere, and Notter’s replacement is going to have his (or her) hands full.

It’ll take years to get rid of the dead weight.

But if the next Superintendent fails to get a handle on it, they’ll be a short timer, too.

As to Oliphant, the publication of her “resume” that uses the requirements for the job posting is certainly a clue that the smell of corruption was wafting through the district’s halls.

But I expect that the HRD folks were either sleeping through the interview and hiring process or just winking at each other while passing the applicant along.

My bet’s the latter.

I was tempted to say the information on her resume and other documents should have been obvious, but maybe I should change that word to oblivious.

The reality is that nobody cared to interview Oliphant.

Staff just went through the motions and hired their former boss.

And I wouldn’t discount the possibility that the decision maker owed their own job to Oliphant as a School Board member. (No, Score Keeper, Oliphant has a real record of hiring friends and relatives.)

Somebody needs to make a public records request for the interview notes and hiring documents.

If they can be found.

We’d all like to see if her references and experience were checked.

I’ll bet no.

Even ex-boss Alan Schreiber reported in the press that Oliphant did not have any relevant experience at all.

Notter’s “firing” of Oliphant is not enough.

Notter or his replacement need to do some serious housecleaning, union rules be damned.

The good news if the district ever goes to an elected Superintendent, Oliphant will have the proper qualifications to run:

A registered voter in Broward County for six months or more, which just happens to be the very same qualifications for her former job as Supervisor of Elections.