As the late geriatric actress, Clara Peller, asked in the famous Wendy’s TV commercial in the md 1980’s;

“Where’s the Beef?”

I am dog tired of the “Ann Murray must resign” rhetoric and I challenge the “resigners” to either put up or shut up.

There’s no question that Murray’s comment four years ago was absolutely stupid, but she apologized back then and she apologized once again this week.

To some people not one, but two apologies are simply not enough.

Yet five years ago, School Board Diversity Committee Vice Chair Roland Foulkesreferred to Gays as carriers of disease and equated their “family” drive to the Manson Family and the Jim Jones Family.

Doing so in public at a School Board sanctioned Diversity Committee meeting, and not as a citizen who happened to be employed by the school district.

In not so many words his suggestion was that Gays were Aids infected and their concept of family included murderers and killers.

Yet not one word from the Gay community demanding an apology from Foulkes.

Not then, not now.

Nor was there any such demand from any other community.

No calls for his resignation.

The slur must have actually done him some good.

He was elevated from Vice Chair of the School Board’s Diversity Committee to Chair.

And he became Chair of the County’s Diversity Committee as well.

So, “Where’s the Beef?

Anybody demanding Murray’s resignation who won’t demand Foulkes’ resignation can be nothing other than a hypocrite.

Either that, or they believe that there are just some people who can get away with anything.

And that includes using the N-word in public.

Murray’s accusers were one on one while Foulkes’ comments were in Public Record for everybody to hear and everybody to read.

Murray’s comment was stupid and so was Foulkes’.

But when it comes right down to it, it’s time to either put up or shut up.

But then, there’s nobody in the county with guts enough to call for Foulkes’ resignation.

Nobody but me, that is.