Some people have nothing better to do than make mountains out of mole hills.

That especially includes just about every reporter I’ve ever known and most bloggers.

Apparently, according to some of the other blogs in town, a “future” School Board member used the word “n****r” at Calder race track..

The comment begs only one queston and that is; was it really racist or was it just plain stupid?

Before anybody reading this jumps up and yells at their browser screen “it was racist, jackass!” have the decency to ask yourself two honest questions.

“Have I ever used that word?”    “Does that make me a racist?”

If the answer to question one is “no,” you’re obviously a liar making the only possible answer to question two “yes” you are a racist.

But let me cut you some slack.

You’re not racist at all, you are, in fact, a member of the stupid comments club.

Don’t get me wrong…

The word offends me as much as it does anyone, but I’m even more offended when blacks get a pass.

Especially when I had to turn around in disgust while on line at BJ’s Wholesale Club several years ago when I heard these words from behind me:

“We’re just gonna have to teach that n****r a lesson!”

The offender behind me was talking on his cell phone and he was …  yeah, you guessed it.

Need I say more?

In case you missed it, I don’t go around calling my friends (or even people I don’t care for) jew or k*ke.

Or does our offender at BJ’s get a pass because of who he is?  If you think he gets one, thenyou’re the racist.

At least for the moment, consider the comment from our “future,” now current School Board member as nothing more than stupid.

Whether the individual is really a racist remains to be seen.

Somehow, I doubt it…  But then again, there are mountains.