Let’s get real.

The School Board does need to make hard choices for dealing with the out of control Facilities department.

But Mike Marchetti’s performance before the School Board was both shameless and shameful

While some writers think he “gave it” to the Board, the only thing Marchetti really gave were gross mispronunciations of the words malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance.

Yes, Mike, it wasn’t the School Board, but your department that wasted millions of taxpayer dollars through incompetence, back biting and corruption and nothing you say will alter that bit of history.

Your “witnesses” testified against the School Board with tainted and slanted evidence.

I’m here to tell everybody the real story.

Not one of your “witnesses” ever bothered to mention that facilities employees, some of your own friends and co-workers, left the district to get plum jobs with the big three.

There’s a reason for hiding that little fact, isn’t there?

And I’ve been reminded to add Ron Morgan to the list of your buddies who went to builders.

Padula Wadsworth in this case.

Yet some of your co-workers who hide behind pseudonyms on blogs have been playing Morgan up as somebody to be admired.

Shameful.  Just shameful, and you need to come back before the Board to explain all this to the public and the news media.

Or does Mr. Marchetti have reason to hide it?

Not one of your “witnesses” told the truth about the Ten Year Master Plan.

The way it was mentioned in the grand jury report, the “witnesses” hadn’t even read it.

Please come back to the Board and explain why the Ten Year Master Plan was misrepresented to the grand jury.

Not one of your “witnesses” mentioned the pre-loaded voting ballots for the department’s chosen  builder.

Don’t even bother to deny it, they’re in the public record for anybody to examine.

How many of your “witnesses” mentioned the months and years of delay caused by planners and inspectors jerking off both the Board and taxpayers with their back biting while getting little or nothing done?

Not one of your “witnesses” owned up to the years worth of project delays leading to massive cost increases.

But don’t worry.

Nobody expects either you, Score Keeper or Hammerhead to come before the Board and own up to the truth.

So here’s the first step that must be taken by the Board no matter what.

Outsource the department and get rid of the union contracts along with union protection of incompetents.

Especially one particular individual that was pink slipped last year but used the union contract to “bump” somebody with lower seniority.

The external contractor will be able to either clean house or start from scratch with competent staff that actually do their jobs.