Whatever you might think of Michael Marchetti, there’s one factor that cannot be overlooked.

For what it’s worth, Marchetti has shown the testicular fortitude to come out of the dark and use his own name.

That’s more than I can say about the likes of Score Keeper and Hammerhead who also work for the school district in the department that can’t find its own ass with two hands and a flashlight.

I disagree with the character of Marchetti’s whistle blower lawsuit.

The 25 “unknown” conspirators is more than likely a lawyer’s trick to bleed more money out of an already financially strapped school district.

According to the Sun Sentinel: “The aim of building plans examiner Michael Marchetti’s whistle blower suit: recover millions dollars for taxpayers — and himself.”

The taxpayers will wind up paying one way or another.

If the suit succeeds, most of the money will wind up coming from the district.  If it fails, the money for defending the lawsuit will come from the district anyway since I doubt Marchetti is in a financial position to pay the costs.

Had the lawsuit been for the sum total of one dollar, it would have been a real demonstration of commitment and desire to get at the truth.

Courts and juries can always award damages.

While I still disagree with the character of Marchetti’s lawsuit, we both agree on one very basic and important point.

Jim Notter is absolutely the wrong man to fix things.

He’s had four and a half years to be proactive.

Being reactive to a Grand Jury report and an inquiry by the state Department of Education is just too little, to late.

Unfortunately, Marchetti himself has shown no latitude in his commentary.

From his letter to DOE:  “I am asking that you send the Inspector General to investigate thisBoard, Mr. Notter, and his senior managers.”

With five new members, Marchetti knows very well that “this board” is completely different from the previous one.

It is that board which stands accused of the financial misconduct and day to day meddling.

And yes, I include Ann Murray as one of the five new members.

Murray has only been on the board since the end of 2008 and has been in the minority without any real ability to affect policy or board actions.

Or is Marchetti accusing Murray because she was also a long time member of staff?

He needs to take care exactly where he shines the light, especially since it was Marchetti’s own facilities co-workers that were the very definition of incompetence.

The spot light just might fall on Score Keeper and Hammerhead too.