I hadn’t considered this take on events until Hammerhead and Score Keeper opened their twisted pie holes one more time, but…

As I published, it wasn’t Board members or relatives getting jobs with builders and contractors, it was STAFF.

Bear with me while I put the evidence together.

There’s no question at all that STAFF loaded the dice when choosing a builder for new schools or additions.

All one needs to do is to get the public record of the voting ballots and examine the pre-loaded numbers in each category.

It was difficult, but not impossible to rank somebody higher than the “chosen” builder.

The pre-rankings were so “open” before the meetings that word was buzzing at KC Wright that “this one was going to Cummings” or that one was “going to Pirtle.”

And the pre-rankings on the score sheets bore that out entirely.

To the point that I demanded the meeting with Till, and Pat Riley to examine the issue further.

It was that meeting where Till stood up, turned white, and declared that I was accusing another Board member.

But I wasn’t.  I was accusing staff, although I hadn’t said it yet.

So Till obviously knew a lot more than he was letting on.

Neither did I reveal that I knew facilities staff was being hired by the big three.

I’ll use only initials for now.

R. D. at Cummings.  L. F. at Pirtle.

And the two were more than just “co-workers” if you get my drift.

And there was another at Padula.  I forget his name, but I can find it.

The real question is; “How many others were there?”

Too bad I wasn’t on the Board long enough to kick off the investigation.

Firing Till saw to that.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the big three had access to inside information from Facilities staff.

No doubt whatsoever.

Probably even more.  Much more.

More information than Board members could possibly know.

If there really were a “conspiracy” this is where I’d start looking.

It’s just one more thing that Mike Satz blew when he wouldn’t take my complaint about Till and friends seriously on termination day.

Maybe it’s time for FDLE to do a forensic exam of bank records of Facilities staff past and present.

In a way, I have to thank the two liars for reminding me (and you) about their own “friends and coworkers” getting jobs with those “dastardly builders” who took taxpayer money for unneeded construction.

Too bad, Score Keeper, but the construction of new classrooms and schools wasn’t unneeded at all.

With staff getting jobs with the builders, it may only be a matter of who got what and how.

But now we’re beginning to get a glimpse of just where the real crimes were more than likely committed.

And it’s becoming clearer and clearer why these two goons are trying harder than ever to shift the focus away from their friends and co-workers.

Like it was at the beginning in 2007, I can name NAMES while these two dirt bags hem and haw, throwing mud without producing so much as a shred of evidence.

Readers should ask themselves these questions:

Why would Score Keeper and Hammerhead intentionally hide the fact that STAFF MEMBERS left the district for jobs at Pirtle, Cummings and Padula?

And just why would the builders want to hire staff members?

So how come nobody bothered to mention this little fact to the Grand Jury?

Wouldn’t you think this was important evidence?


Now that Score Keeper and Hammerhead have been exposed as hiding staff taking jobs with builders, which of us has been “rewriting history?”

The crimes that need to be looked at may very well have been of a different nature.

Bid rigging for one.  And that’s a Federal Crime.

Still believe in the fantasy that staff wasn’t corrupt? Then two and two equal five.

Maybe Score Keeper and Hammerhead should start explaining how their friends and co-workers were getting jobs with the big three and maybe others.

We’re waiting.

And as former U.N. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson once said; “I’m prepared to wait until hell freezes over if necessary.”