More revelations, more arrests, more collateral damage.

The mainstay that was once Broward’s political structure is now crumbling in a three ring circus.

The first ring is occupied by the implicated politicians, some accused, some not.

The third ring is occupied by much of the county’s political consulting structure, implicated but not accused.

At least not yet.

But the action is in the center ring.

That’s where dirtbag developers Shawn and Bruce Chait are doing their utmost to keep their heads above water and their sorry asses out of jail.

Okay, forget the stories of money, power and corruption at least for the moment.

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that the two at the very root of the problem (in the center ring, so to speak) are being treated like heroes by the very agency that should be landing on them like a ton of bricks?

In the system of justice that I grew up to respect, these guys would have been buried (figuratively, of course) so deep that the heat from the center of the earth would scorch their worthless asses.

But what?

Fourteen months on probation and Shawn Chait’s record expunged?

Look at the damage so far:

Ilene Lieberman
Stacey Ritter 

Stephanie Kraft
Mitch Kraft
Beth Talabisco
Mark Sultanof
Patte Atkins-Grad
Beverly Stracher
Michael Udine
Russ Oster
Alex Heckler
Barry Harris
Michael Kaplan

Mike Udine meanwhile, tells the Sun Sentinel that all he did was permit the Chaits to use his law office to meet with Russ Oster.

Hardly a criminal act, but the Kangaroo press doesn’t seem to see it that way.

But it’s already compromised his reputation.

Maybe then, we should drag anybody and everybody who have been on the Chait’s Christmas Card list or even been in an elevator with either one through the mud and compromise their reputations, too.

Innocent or guilty, their lives have been effectively ruined, smeared by allegations that have yet to be proven let alone presented in open court.

But the Kangaroos are running rampant, raising one very important question:

Can anybody who’s been or will be indicted in the Chait case get a fair trial in Broward?

My bet is no.

Name a Judge in this county that has not had any direct contact with the individuals on the list.

Find a potential juror who hasn’t been tainted by either the Kangaroo courts in the case or by the sheer weight of state of politics and corruption stories themselves in the last several years.

The voider process ought to be a circus all on its own.

Who benefits?

The one man who after years of inaction needs some serious brownie points to get re-elected.

He’s the same guy who made the deal to let the Chaits themselves off with a slap on the wrist.