Actually, since Michael Marchetti has asked for a Department of Education investigation, there are a number of things that should be looked into.

Little things that Marchetti, Norman and the rabble rousers all missed.

1- How did the district get duped into purchasing an underpowered UHF television station in Boca Raton?  A television station that hadno coverage at all in Broward County and took years and too many dollars and years in court and FCC battles to straighten out.  (Thank you for the correction, Phyllis!)

(Note: the UHF situation was not about BECON, but an example of how Frank Till screwed up just about everything he touched.  Read on…)

2- How did the district get duped into purchasing property in Davie from GL Homes which was adjacent to an EPA Superfund waste site?  The site was non-committal by the EPA with a strict warning: “Don’t drink the ground water.”

3- Why did the Superintendent choose to hire CELT at almost $1 million (no bid) to straighten out problems with the SAP software only one or two weeks after the CIO of Apple Computer (world’s largest user of SAP) offered to help straighten it out for free?

4- How did the district get duped into purchasing the Southwest Ranches swamp?  Three or four recommendations by staff to purchase and extend the contract while Facilities staffknew the property was too poor to build on.

5- Why did the conservation community oppose and block wetlands property for a school in Weston adjacent to Weston Regional Park (built on the same parcel) while not a peep over the swamp in Southwest Ranches?

6- Why did the district accelerate West Broward High while dragging their feet on MMM?

7- Why was staff permitted to change student population projection numbers no less than three times in order to justify building West Broward High?

8- How did the district get roped into paying $56,760 per year in fees for property adjacent to West Broward High? Property that the district doesn’t own.

9- Why wouldn’t the Superintendent fire or even file charges against a subordinate engaging in bid rigging?

10- Why wouldn’t the Superintendent fire or suspend the same subordinate for these little goodies?
– taking graft in the form of vendor paid trips
– taking an IBM paid family vacation to Disney World,
– promoting IBM at sales meetings 
– writing “articles” for IBM sales literature
getting himself appointed to boards of companies doing business with the district,
– handing out no bid contracts (including a $30 million no bid contract to IBM.)

11- Why was the Superintendent writing e-mail warnings to the same subordinate alerting him to the fact that Board members and others outside the district were “on to him?”

12- Why did the district hire a convicted felon to work in schools when it was clearly against policy?

13- Why did the district pay $1.1 million to a consultant that not only didn’t complete the contract deliverables, but never lifted a finger to fix the problems with the document?

14- Why did the district permit three contractors to charge $50,000 extra per modular classroom than three others while the in place ready to connect per classroom charge from a subcontractor was $50,000 below the lowest price?

15- Why was the district permitted to build seven schools under a re-use design that was not approved for Florida school construction?

16- Why has Ft. Lauderdale High School been under renovation for more than a dozen years and still not complete?

There are more examples, but then…

Maybe it’s worth a follow up letter to DOE