Pulp’s at it again, doing what he does best.

Using half truths and misinformation to verbally assault School Board members.

Apparently, the frontal assault by Board members against the one department responsible for millions upon millions in waste of taxpayer money has struck a raw nerve.

.The “assault” had to strike a raw nerve since that’s where Pulp’s “inside” sources work.

Inside sources that were more than likely responsible for the back biting that paralyzed the district and wasted millions getting little or nothing done.

Even the 2002 Grand Jury noted that lack of accountability

Inside sources that lied to the Grand Jury.

I’m sure that the previous article on Watching Broward hasn’t helped Pulp’s ego any, either.

As Pulp published: “[facilities] department has continued to be a distraction.” 

“A distraction from what? From the slow-motion rape of taxpayers by special interests who make puppets out of the school board members?

No. To this day, Facilities is still staffed with the same incompetents that continue to rape the taxpayer.

“In this same staff are the whistleblowers who testified before the grand jury and have been crying foul about the political machine that pressures them to build unnecessary schools with their favorite contractors (and campaign contributors) that have wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars and left the board $2 billion in debt.

According to that asinine statement, Pulp disavows the existence of the 2002 Grand Jury report, which not only directs the School Board to build, but where to build as well.

And yes, that Grand Jury was quite aware of the lower registration in schools on the East side of the county.

To quote the 2002 Grand Jury:

“Some of the old problems with school construction continue: the School Board remains under great pressure to open new schools and to enlarge and repair old schools.”

Take note, folks.  Here’s what Pulp doesn’t want you to know.

“Each year for the past ten years, an average of more than seven thousand six hundred (7,600) new students have started school in Broward County. This year’s relatively small increase of five thousand (5,000) new students is perhaps a sign that this phenomenal growth has slowed, or may be only a one-year aberration.”

It was an abberation.

And here’s where that Grand Jury noted the disparity between east and west.

“In addition, the pressure to house new students is not uniform county-wide, but concentrated in the western portions of the county, and primarily in such cities as Weston, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Coral Springs, and Parkland.”

And again, Pulp doesn’t want you to know…

This is where schools must be built if the children are to have classroom space. The older schools in the eastern portions of the county also need repair and/or replacement so valid arguments also exist for building programs in the eastern portion as well as the western portions of our county.”

So despite however Pulp foams at the mouth about “unnecessary” construction, it seems that the 2002 Grand Jury disagrees and directed the Board to build on the west side where the problems were.

Pulp also ignores the demands of the voters themselves in Class Size amendment, as he does with the legislature’s absolute refusal to adequately fund the needs of class size construction.

The legislature drove the $2 billion debt, not the “unneccessary construction” by the School Board.

And then there was staff’s loading the dice when it came to votes for choosing builders.

“Of course the real constant through all those years has been the lobbyists and contractors who make puppets of the school board members with their massive campaign contributions, hoity-toity head-spinning award dinners, jobs for family members, etc. The construction heads change as the need for scapegoats arises.

Anybody with half a brain who’s read the Ten Year Master Plan knows that Pulp’s “whistleblower” staff lied to the Grand Jury about the contents and the conclusions.

Anybody who’s read the 2002 Grand Jury report knows that these “whistleblowers”lied about the need to build new schools and where to build them.

And they lied further about the “empty seats” in the district.

The majority of those empty seats are in the portables removed from service by building new classrooms.

But Pulp and his “sources” would have children and teachers continue to occupy those old moldy portables, despite the fact that the 2002 Grand Jury instructed the Board to end the mold problem once and for all.

After all, Pulp calls that construction “unnecessary.”

Has any Board member been part of Pulp’s “hoity-toity head-spinning award dinner” even remotely connected with or financed by builders or lobbyists?

Aha!  A brand spanking new claim by Pulp and his co-horts. They just can’t stop, can they?

None by lobbists or builders that I’ve ever been aware of.   Prove it. Pulp.  I’d like to see the connection, too.

Forget Gallagher and Kraft, but, exactly how many “family members” have gotten jobs through builders or lobbyists?

One, two?

How about none?

Ben Williams?  Robin Bartleman?  Maureen Dinnen?  Carole Andrews?  Bob Parks?

So far the answer is no.  So let’s continue…

Darla Carter?  Lois Wexler?  Judie Budnick?  Phyllis Hope?

Still no.

But then… Facilities and other staff members have…  Haven’t they?

Yes folks, you read it here…

Retiring Facilites staff members have gotten jobs with builders and contractors.

But our lying staff “whistleblowers” don’t want you to know it.

And it gets worse when Pulp’s friend and confidant Hammerhead lets loose with another slip.

er.. make that admission.

“Notter is part of the problem. He provided cover for too many people. Those peopleincluded staff, board members and business community people.”

So it’s no longer staff “enablers” but staff.  …and business community people.

Goodness knows next he’ll name members of the Broward Workshop and the Chamber of Commerce directly.

He and his lying buddies haven’t exposed staff and business people…

I did.

Slowly but surely the lies coming from district staff members such as Hammerhead and Score Keeper are coming untangled.

And they’re coming unglued.

The reality is that Hammerhead, Score Keeper and the rest cannot afford to permit the public to know that their own incompetence was at the root of the problem, especially now that their own jobs are on the line.

Their phony accusations and “evidence” are now beginning to backfire.

If their “evidence” was real and their accusations accurate, they wouldn’t be hiding under assumed names.

They’d be heroes.

Instead, their meglomaniac days are numbered.

Sorry, Bob, but the only “rape” involved is the rape of the truth.

The truth of incompetents on construction staff wasting millions of taxpayer dollars through inaction and backbiting.

The truth of corrupt department heads paying off architects and contractors.

The truth of corrupt managers that recommend purchases of property knowing full well they’re either not viable or too costly for taxpayers.

The truth of corrupt staff that changes numbers to justify construction in the wrong places.

The truth of an incompetent facilites staff that can’t complete a high school renovation in thirteen years and tens of millions over budget.

The  truth of corrupt staff engaged in bid rigging, no bid contracts and graft.

The truth of incompetent Superintendents.

The truth of corrupt staff intentionally lying to the Grand Jury.

The truth of the 2002 Grand Jury report.

The truth of where the bulk of the “empty seats” really are.

The truth of the Class Size amendment.

The truth of the legislature’s refusal to fund class size.

And the truth of the fines for not meeting class size which you, Score Keeper and others treated as fantasy.