Wouldn’t you know it?

Hammerhead actually reads Watching Broward.

More than just reads it; he’s paying attention.

Up until now, the likes of Hammerhead and Score Keeper have been blaming the School Board entirely for all of the district’s woes.

Finally, for the first time, posting on Broward Beat he acknowledges that there actually was staff involvement in the School Board mess.

He posted this:

“Finally — get rid of the staffers who have enabled, not caused the chaos as Marty Rubenstein is spewing. Remember that sloppy book-keeping means “fraud” and “staff brought the agenda items forward” is code for “Board members have no finger prints on it” — but they have all forgotten that there are no secrets in the broward county school board.”

It’s a first, folks!  Staff was involved and he acknowledges it at least in part.

Watching Broward readers will know that Hammerhead and Score Keeper are employees of the facilities department of the School district and it’s the very same department that couldn’t find its own ass with two hands and a flashlight for more years than I care to count.

However, the first step in solving a problem is the acknowledgement of a problem.

Until today’s posting, both he and his cohort have been pointing fingers at the School Boardexclusively as the “culprits” causing the great district mess.

Through his own words, his original claims are beginning fall apart.

His reference to “sloppy book-keeping” may very well involve fraud, but on whose part?  Certainly the late Mike Garretson who accelerated payments to architects on projects already shelved by the School Board.

Or gave a fabricated story on the AshBritt affair that he had to issue “handwritten purchase orders” because his office had no power after hurricane Wilma.

I can testify to the reality of that particular lie, because Garretson worked from the ETS (technology) building on Oakland Park Blvd..  That building had power and full operational capability before the winds died down.

I was there almost constantly until KC Wright was deemed safe once again.

And how about Vijay Sonty who was stopped (by me) from committing the crime of bid rigging?

And taking graft in the form of vendor paid trips while handing out no bid contracts?

And all of those staffers who supported Sonty’s desperate attempt to “take over” BECON and expanding his grubby reach even further?

Of course there was Sonty’s desperate attempt to get back at those of us who outed him only to have the records search backfire with more evidence against him.

All of this staff driven from bottom to top.

And it took an activist School Board member (me) to stop it.

We’re finally on the way to the beginning of a real solution to the corruption and sheer incompetence in the School Board mess.

Yet Hammerhead attempts to avoid culpability of staff who “brought the agenda items forward,” but he simply can’t.

His admission puts one other point forward:  How many of his previous rants about the entirely corrupt School Board are just complete misdirection, lies and just plain garbage?

If I read members of the facilities department correctly back then, there are still a number of co-workers inside the district that are absolutely frustrated by the sheer arrogance and lies perpetrated by these two.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it were these two who lied to the Grand Jury about the Ten Year Master Plan.

It’s just too bad that others within the district are too intimidated to take on and expose these two bullies for who and what they are.

With Hammerhead’s own admission that staff was indeed involved in the shenanigans within the district, the truth is finally beginning to emerge.