Miss me?

I’m willing to bet Score Keeper and Hammerhead sure didn’t.

Don’t worry, guys…  I’ll get to you later.

I generally don’t fail tests, but in the last several months I’ve failed three very important ones.

A stress test last June indicating “extensive inferolateral wall infact.”

I could have told them that without the test, but this is the first failed stress test in years of diagnostic testing.

A Holter monitor record of 24 hour heart rhythm.  Disturbingly erratic rhythm despite beta blocker therapy to slow and stabilize heart rhythm.

An angiogram on Monday ostensibly to install a stent which turned out to be unnecessary, but a test on ventricular ejection fraction reported only 25% output.

50 – 70% is normal.

40% indicates heart failure, 35% or less is very likely to produce dangerous arrhythmias.

And so I was kept over to receive the latest in cardiac resynchronization therapy.

“pacemaker” and so much more.

So what’s the whole story?

It begins in December of 2003.

I was in Tampa attending the semi annual meeting of the Florida School Boards Association.

And I was quite ill at the time, suffering from the effects of Myasthenia Gravis and long term Prednisone therapy.

Prednisone’s a dangerous drug in long term use because of its side effects: Excessive weight gain, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and more.

But its net effect in stopping one’s immune system from trying to kill the victim is unmatched in the short term.

Early that December I had been reducing dosages in stages seeing that stopping outright can do all sorts of other damage.

From 50 mg. to 7.5 mg. by the time of the FSBA meeting.

And then it hit all at once.

Full blown symptoms of MG including the potentially fatal respiratory failure.

Another drug, Mestinon, was literally a life saver, forcing a flood of Acetecoline neurotransmitters into the antibody blocked receptors.

Dealing with illness and the business of the School Board was enough.

And then I got a call from KCWright.

The Garretson gang were up to their usual Keystone Kops routine.

A set of six modular classroom placed at Welleby Elementary were sitting for six months unoccupied because the Garretson Gang refused approval for utilities hookup from Sunrise.

I gave my instructions to Garretson via the Board office.

The following Monday I was recovering from the after effects of the bout with MG having increased Prednisone to a tolerable level.

About noon, at KCWright, I had it out with Garretson in the parking garage, ready to leave the office and go to lunch with a friend.

But I was fit to be tied at Garretson’s unabashed excuse making!

While Garretson explained the two week cycle of drawing and rejection, I basically exploded and told him in no uncertain terms that he was to lock the planners and inspectors in a room and nobody was to come out until the drawings were approved.

I finished with Garretson and got into my car and backed out of the parking spot.

And then it hit.

Like being kicked in the solar plexus, I couldn’t catch my breath.

Yet I had to get my car out of the garage.

Got it out and across the street where I could pull out of traffic.

I thought it was MG respiratory failure and had my cell phone in hand ready to dial 911.

Got out of the car and walked around to bend over the passenger side hood.

Changing position worked in the past for MG failure.

This worked and the symptoms eased within a moment or two.

The whole episode lasted maybe three minutes.

It wasn’t MG at all.

It was a heart attack as I subsequently found out.

I’ve kept the story quiet for all these years.

But Garretson’s staff of incompetent clowns were at the root of it all.

Meanwhile two of Garretson’s Keystone Kops are lying to the grand jury and trying to change history.

I wonder which of these two morons actually had the brains to find out that the modulars actually had the state required approval stickers all along.

Probably neither.

Meanwhile all these two morons need to know is that I’m here to stay and keep telling the real story much to their chagrin.